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Last call for synthanol!

I am pretty convinced that LiveJournal is dead. The friends page that was once alive is now like my cedars in the backyard. Only one of them is partially clinging to life of any kind.

Outside of passive aggressive posts, I am thinking LiveJournal has lost any relevancy. Don't mind me, I am a fan of sheepishly saying you hate someone you *think* is reading your blog as anyone, public displays of ego (even when said person(s) likely are not even ren ading your blog) are really entertaining.

All the same, every time I come to LJ and check my friends page (filtering for users only), is like going to the bar where you and all your friends used to hang out. There is the usual barfly waxing pseudo-intellectual and the other ones on the dance floor looking like hell ran over twice, screaming "I'm still 23!" when they're far from it.

Other than randomly approving people for my xxxshare community, these visits (like the ones to said bar(s) must come to a close. You can only see the shell of your former playground and playmates so many times.

So, until the next time that I am morbidly curious enough to come here and delete all those annoying LJ News posts...adios.
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