Kenny Creeper (kennycreeper) wrote,
Kenny Creeper

Look at me now!

What a great time to be had with good friends, and the great things they did for me?!

BIG love, and BIG prezzies!

$250.00 for a high end steak house for my girl and me, and $500.00 for a tattoo!

WOW. I have to say I'm blown away.

And don't forget, the shop has an art show coming up! Wooo!

Saturday, Nov. 20th!

This is a good point for me to focus on, after being COMPLETELY let down by one of my BEST friends who wound up turning into a fake shell, two faced, and sadly leaving many friends behind for the almighty ego.

It's sad when a friend turns out to be a jackass.

Maybe he thought we'd all abandon him when he left the country.

Too bad, he was wrong, but he's not now...
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