Kenny Creeper (kennycreeper) wrote,
Kenny Creeper

Blogthings are a great waste of time.

You Are a Pencil

You are a flexible, easy going person. You go with the flow, and you don't mind making a few mistakes along the way.

You don't like paying attention to details, and you feel constricted by rules.

You are a free spirit. You wouldn't want to predict the future even if you could.

You love that life is full of surprises. In fact, you surprise yourself every day.

Funny. I prefer to use pencils over pens. Once again, Blogspot knows me better than I know myself!

Your Love is Represented by a Yellow Rose

You primarily express your love through friendship and caring.

This doesn't mean your romantic relationships are platonic - they just start that way.

You need a lot of freedom in relationships. So if you do happen to send roses, they don't mean much.

I dunno about yellow roses, but okay... I can't argue with an online quiz!

You Are a Confident Purple Car

You're definitely an unusual person. Some people may even call you "weird" or "freaky."

Luckily for you, you don't care what others think. If anything, you enjoy it when people think you're strange!

You are offbeat and eccentric. You see the world a little differently than everyone else does.

You are seen as mysterious. People are very curious about you... whether they know you well already or not.

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