Sorry, but you have to be on the list.

Pseudo Friends Only
Comment to be considered for being friended.

Existing friends do not have to comment, as no existing friends are being "filtered."

Some entires will be public, the vast majority will not be.

Want to know why? Ask the creeps stalking my LJ and posting it on their journals and message boards, or the ones that are checking it right now, with you.

Last call for synthanol!

I am pretty convinced that LiveJournal is dead. The friends page that was once alive is now like my cedars in the backyard. Only one of them is partially clinging to life of any kind.

Outside of passive aggressive posts, I am thinking LiveJournal has lost any relevancy. Don't mind me, I am a fan of sheepishly saying you hate someone you *think* is reading your blog as anyone, public displays of ego (even when said person(s) likely are not even ren ading your blog) are really entertaining.

All the same, every time I come to LJ and check my friends page (filtering for users only), is like going to the bar where you and all your friends used to hang out. There is the usual barfly waxing pseudo-intellectual and the other ones on the dance floor looking like hell ran over twice, screaming "I'm still 23!" when they're far from it.

Other than randomly approving people for my xxxshare community, these visits (like the ones to said bar(s) must come to a close. You can only see the shell of your former playground and playmates so many times.

So, until the next time that I am morbidly curious enough to come here and delete all those annoying LJ News posts...adios.
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You Are the New Moon

You are most aligned with the new moon which represents rest, reflection, and renewal.

You are appreciative of all of the good things in your life. You count your blessings.

You are good natured and people enjoy your company. You put people at ease and make them feel at home with you.

In your group of friends, you are the intuitive one. You understand and empathize with others.

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It's been a usual.

You Are An ENFP

The Inspirer

You love being around people, and you are deeply committed to your friends.

You are also unconventional, irreverent, and unimpressed by authority.

Incredibly perceptive, you can usually sense if someone has hidden motives.

You use lots of colorful language and expressions. You're quite the storyteller!

In love, you are quite the charmer. And you are definitely willing to risk your heart.

You often don't follow through with your flirting or professed feelings. You break a lot of hearts.

At work, you are driven but not a workaholic. You just always seem to enjoy what you do.

You would make an excellent entrepreneur, politician, or journalist.

How you see yourself: compassionate, unselfish, and understanding

When other people don't get you, they see you as: gushy, emotional, and unfocused

You Are the Visionary

You think big, and you tend to have larger than life ideas. You are a dreamer.

You crave mental stimulation, and your thoughts tend to very complex.

You inspire others with your far out visions and concepts. You get people excited.

You are independent and original. You are highly inventive and creative.

Your Word is Growth

You are very results-oriented. You take a no nonsense approach to life.

You accept who you are right now, and you're willing to do the work to become a better person.

You are happy-go-lucky, mostly because you thrive on doing things your own way.

You are constantly changing, learning, and improving. You are very dynamic.


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You Are Peppermint Patty

You have a strong personality. You are very unique and outspoken.

You like to take charge, but you're also not the most responsible person in the world.

Sometimes you mess up, but you're never too hard on yourself about it. You're very easy going.

You are playful, likable, and charming. People definitely want to have you as a part of the gang!

You Are FAQ

For you, the internet is like your personal library. And you know more facts than fifty normal humans.

Your brain is basically lot a computer at this point. You have a lot of information stored up there.

You spend hours looking up obscure information and learning things. If you have question, you always Google it.

You can't help but be a bit of a know-it-all. You can answer everyone's frequently asked questions.

You Are Sweet

You have a sharp personality, and you never hesitate to say what's on your mind.

You are always looking to add a little more comfort to your life. You like to feel taken care of.

People can count on you to be true to who you are. You don't change, and that's a good thing.

People don't realize that you're much more old fashioned than you seem. Values are important to you.


Look at me now!

What a great time to be had with good friends, and the great things they did for me?!

BIG love, and BIG prezzies!

$250.00 for a high end steak house for my girl and me, and $500.00 for a tattoo!

WOW. I have to say I'm blown away.

And don't forget, the shop has an art show coming up! Wooo!

Saturday, Nov. 20th!

This is a good point for me to focus on, after being COMPLETELY let down by one of my BEST friends who wound up turning into a fake shell, two faced, and sadly leaving many friends behind for the almighty ego.

It's sad when a friend turns out to be a jackass.

Maybe he thought we'd all abandon him when he left the country.

Too bad, he was wrong, but he's not now...
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Blogthings are a great waste of time.

You Are a Pencil

You are a flexible, easy going person. You go with the flow, and you don't mind making a few mistakes along the way.

You don't like paying attention to details, and you feel constricted by rules.

You are a free spirit. You wouldn't want to predict the future even if you could.

You love that life is full of surprises. In fact, you surprise yourself every day.

Funny. I prefer to use pencils over pens. Once again, Blogspot knows me better than I know myself!

Your Love is Represented by a Yellow Rose

You primarily express your love through friendship and caring.

This doesn't mean your romantic relationships are platonic - they just start that way.

You need a lot of freedom in relationships. So if you do happen to send roses, they don't mean much.

I dunno about yellow roses, but okay... I can't argue with an online quiz!

You Are a Confident Purple Car

You're definitely an unusual person. Some people may even call you "weird" or "freaky."

Luckily for you, you don't care what others think. If anything, you enjoy it when people think you're strange!

You are offbeat and eccentric. You see the world a little differently than everyone else does.

You are seen as mysterious. People are very curious about you... whether they know you well already or not.

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